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What does not change

The sun does not change! It's always there, it shines always!

The way we live it changes.

In matter, in its form, depending on where we are we feel it differently.

There are times when it seems the sun disappears, it becomes dark and cold.

Only then to announce itself and rise again radiant and brilliant.

The sun does not change, only our perception and experience of its existence does

We change, we spin, we move around as if we’re chasing it

But it is there always, even when it is not seen or felt by us.

How do we recognise that the cycle is ours alone?

How do we keep its warmth in us when we are far away?

The absence, the lack of presence is ours, the abandonment is made by us.

But we feel abandoned, lost, we look outside and we see that it is missing

But the sun is there forever and it will always be.

The sun does not change!

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