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The Invisible Gift

The invisible gift

Marking important dates with gift exchange

We can give gifts such as frankincense, myrrh, and gold

We can give symbolically health, wealth and wellbeing

so when giving something, I say, add an invisible gift

Add a wish for this person an intention of giving

Add something that is needed (and this is the tricky part)

How can one know what the other person needs?

Most of us don't even know ourselves

Often it takes challenges and hardships for us to know

So how can we add an invisible gift each time we give

Actually how can we give invisible gifts with each encounter?

We already do this, on a physical level we give smells for example

Isn't this why we shower and practice personal hygiene?

Invisibly we give before we physically encounter the other

We give invisible gifts not just physically, we also give emotionally and mentally

Our thoughts, intentions, judgements, feelings, start giving before we do

Next time you want to give a gift, pay attention to these in you first.

What's there for you?

What are you giving on an invisible level?

Are you adding something needed?

Would you like to receive that gift yourself?

What is the invisible gift? There's always one.

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