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Being Stuck

An invitation said in a way you can’t say no, just for you, right for where you are.

You say yes, even thought you have all the reasons to say no, you don’t.

The day arrives, you pay attention taking all the information in.

But this is not something you can learn by being instructed on how to…

You get a foot on the rock and immediately you know it will take practice.

The day ends, you didn’t ace it. You were in your head too much.

Each attempt becomes a thrilling hook, and the mountain gets higher each time.

One day, you catch yourself stuck, halfway through, no point to hold on to

hanging there, the rock is wet and slippery and you are tired and physically weak.

Now, you question yourself and your decision. Here, you trace back to what got you here.

You wish you were stronger, fitter, lighter. You beat yourself up for not being better prepared.

You hear your climbing partner, he feels your fear and reads your mind,

he is as scared as you, if not more, but he’s been trained to play the role so he encourages you. You smile, you know what he is doing, but somehow you feel better, you take a deep breath

He’s there, pulling you, supporting you, you think of him and how difficult it will be for him if you die on this mouldy rock. You, say yes, look for a point to hold on to you find one, and another.

You get to the top, invaded by the vastness, rupturing beauty, light and sweet fragrance that can only be found on mountain tops.

Here, now, you thank yourself for having said yes, for being too weak, for being stuck, for giving up and wanting to die half way. You thank your partner.

Only now, you see the whole picture, feel how perfect it has been all along.

Here, you know why you said yes in the first place, something you couldn’t have known then.

Not because you are at the top, but because you got stuck.

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