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Being forced to know

We read, discuss, and defend theories,

we get trainings and attend workshops,

we follow philosophies, religions and spiritual teachers,

we repeat half understood ideas and beliefs about life

we fight for them, go to war with others and ourselves over what we believe to be true.

Until one day, out of desperation

we are too tired to think,

too exhausted to fight,

too numb to run away.

And we break down, and feel it in our bodies,

and then we know,

here, without words to explain it or talk about it,

naked of eloquence and open to doubts

then we are forced to know what we’ve been talking about all along

all the principles pointing to this simple truth

all the most elaborate theories inviting us to one thing only

all here, so raw, so simple.

Remember who you are, here, as humans

with this pain, with this passion, with these fantasies

the information rested in us all along, here in our bodies,

where the universe lives.

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