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Who you are includes also this day

When you wake up feeling like the worst person in the whole wide world

Your stomach is so squeezed in that it feels like a dried up old rope

Your throat is tight and so hard you can’t speak

Your brain feels larger than your scalp

Your legs just don’t seem to remember what is needed to walk Your eyes just tear up involuntarily On days like this, the voices in our heads run a million miles a millisecond You hear all the self-abusive thought you’ve ever had You call yourself names that you hadn’t called anyone in years You believe each and everyone to be true You even gather evidences from your past on why this is so You convince yourself of how horrible you are and you create a plan to change On days like this, we never know what to do You want to solve this as fast as you can You want to not feel any of what you are feeling You engage in elaborate plans to change the world, situations, others, yourself You want to fast-forward time to a future where everything is perfect You want to feel like you know it is possible to, just once more On days like this, there’s nothing to do You might consider being present experiencing it all You, with any luck, might start to observe it all with curiosity You can accept that who you are includes also this day You may remember a promise you once made, and you smile and feel a kind warmth, and You will treat yourself the way you wish your love is taking care of himself /herself

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