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Addictions as invitations to remember…

We tend to see addictions only as a dependence that carries adverse effects.

Even though our culture is bias towards addictions or we deny them all together, I invite you to consider the topic with genuine curiosity.

An addictive behavior is anything and everything that is both rewarding and reinforcing. From this perspective, what are you addicted to? Either good or bad, what behaviors, physical emotional or psychological, are you engaging in that have these characteristics: rewarding and reinforcing? Let’s look at addictions as invitations to remember… As opportunities to get to know what’s underneath, what drives us. Let’s use them to our benefit, and connect with what we long for at a deeper level My challenge to you, since we are all addicted to something, is to notice what is underneath your addiction? What is it really asking for? If this could speak what would it say?

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