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This project was developed by three friends who believe this story refects each one’s inner search. Angela tells a very reduced version of this story in her workshops. One day Madalena asked if this story could be written to reach more people. Madalena took the original idea, gave it light, energy, emotion and a body full of rich sensations. Only Evelyne, with her sensitive creativity could have given form, color and life to this text.

In one of his exploratory flights, a free and curious little Ray of Light falls into a puddle of mud on planet Earth. Who is he in this body of mud?
Full of emotions and with many trials and errors the little Ray of Light learns to accept who he is as a whole.


Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 12.10.34.png
Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 12.10.57.png

Digital version English available  

Payments options at check out with Paypal and credit card. The amount appears in dollars but you can convert to euros (6 euros each digital version)

The Fall of the Little Ray of Light is also available in French digital version (pdf) and also in Portuguese soft paper cover version. If you are interested you can order with the same link.  

€ 12

€ 6

€ 6

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