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The Practices of Being Here:  A deep dive


Oct 6th


Nov 24th

5:00- 6:00 pm EST

Whatever you are longing for?  Practice Being Here 


These 8 weeks are the scaffolding where the practices are allowed to become alive.  


When Life doesn’t go according to plan, your old roadmap no longer delivers results. The old set of rules and strategies do grow with you. 

That’s why these practices are alive, these are practices that upgrade and change with us, with life.

Book Club 

Getting There by Being Here:  Group share and discussion


Aug 6th


Sep 8th

5:30- 6:30 pm EST

All are welcome - Either you have read the book or not, join us.

Share, ask questions, give suggestion, explore new points of views.

A book club is a space to:

  • hear yourself say out-loud what you think as you read

  • explore different perspectives on the same content

  • gain insights and ideas of ways the topic can relate to others 

  • meet like-minded/hearted people 

  • co-create a whole new way of seeing, sensing, experiencing 

  • share growth

Mindfulness Practices - Being Here  

Connections with your wise presence.




Nov. 17th

8:00- 9:00 pm EST

Free on going group, join when you want. 


What truly matters at the end?

Can we live from this knowing? 

 Join me for some mindfulness practices exploring the unchartered territories of yourSelf. 

Each week we start with a short mindful practice, introducing a topic followed by a guided practice exploring what becames alive. 

The practice is half hour and allows participants to continue their process individually. For those who choose to, we will continue for the next half hour to explore, share experiences and insights.

If you are interested register for free and I will share the zoom zoom link

The Connext Exchange

Talk:  Upgrade Your Inner Roadmap


July 15th

11:30 am

Where are we heading?  The world is changing, how do we ensure our change is a choice that reflects our Selfprint? 

We inherit roadmaps, beliefs, perceptions that when left unchecked might not represent who we are now. These maps can turn out to be obstacles in our lives. Humans tend to resist change but it is easier to change into who we are here than to spend our energy and resources being something we are not. Angela will share a simple 3 step self-inquiry to improve our self-awareness as well as develop simple steps to check if the roadmap we are using is the most updated.

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